Pawsitive Plus Dog Training Mississauga
Pawsitive Plus Dog Training Mississauga

"You go beyond a trainer and I now know why a dog behaviourist is leaps and bounds above just a trainer. There is a huge difference going to a dog behaviourist who also does dog training. It is a step above as dog body language is complex and a subtle ART form. Gen is a genius. (I call her) lol. She notices tiny nuances that our dogs show us that are very subtle and give us dog owners a tiny insight into how dogs communicate."

Deanna M.
Pet Parent

"Absolutely the best dog training experience I have ever had. Please do your homework! A lot of dog training places out there claim that they use positive reinforcement but they really don’t. This method is the most effective and long-lasting method in dog training because it creates a bond between you and your dog that is based on trust and not fear. Pawsitive Plus dog training specializes in treating dogs with severe behavioural issues. They have a team of really devoted and friendly individuals that go above and beyond in doing whatever they can to help your dog succeed."

Danny P.
Pet Parent

"I had a lovely German Shepherd but she had started one day to be afraid of other dogs and her behavior was not easy to handle. I did a lot of training with different trainers but no positive results. When I took classes with Pawsitive Plus I saw that I was on my way to success (sadly we lost our dog because she had a bad condition and many health issues). Now I am taking classes with my small dog (rescue dog) shy and very nervous, after a few classes I can see I am on my way to succes again! Pawsitive Plus Dog Training great job!!"

Christine L.
Pet Parent

"North Oakville Animal Hospital is pleased to support a trainer like Gen who’s philosophy is positive re-enforcement, kindness and consistency. It’s great that she goes the extra step to teach her classes how to read dog body language to help people and dogs communicate better and therefore deepen their bond."

Her classes teach practical, real world skills that help dogs be excellent canine citizens and wonderful family companions.

Mary C.
Hospital Administrator

"So happy that I found Gen - have learned tons from her classes and I am much more confident walking my dog. Lovely group!"

Tracy N.
Pet Parent

"Was recommended to us from our trainer Trizane Dog Services for the puppy social sessions for our puppy Enzo. Enzo always enjoys the puppy social classes every week and for us as dog owners Pawsitive Plus reinforce good socialization behaviour. I highly recommend the puppy social classes!"

Madhu R.
Pet Parent

"Initial consultation went really really well with Sarah! I learned lots of tricks to help my pup coping with his stress level and reactive response during the time we practice with him at home. I cannot wait for him to start his first session of Snappy to Happy!"

Shimeng l.
Pet Parent

"Trainers are very friendly and knowledgeable about dogs. I look forward to our Snappy to Happy classes."

Marie France M.
Pet Parent

"Ace had a fantastic holiday season with lots of new people around him. By using the strategies we learned through our training with you, he was a delightful addition to the festivities. We managed him on leash when people came into the house, he often hung out on his “place” (by request or on his own volition), and we used challenging food toys to keep him busy but near us. He seemed comfortable and happy through it all. Thank you for your wise training to get us to this point — and when I say “us,” I know that my family and I learned as much (or more) than Ace!"

Sarah W.
Pet Parent

"Currently we are sending our pup to the puppy socialization classes and we love that he gets to play with other dogs his age while also getting some training in with the trainers. He loved his first class and will be coming back again!"

Melody M.
Pet Parent

"I attended training classes a few years ago with Pawsitive Plus for my adult dog with fear and confidence issues. Gen was amazing, and we managed to turn Madison around into a confident, happy girl. A few months ago, I got a puppy and had no hesitation going back to to Pawsitive Plus for her training. Starr is now 8 months old and we have graduated from Perfect Puppies 101 and 201 (and have the certificates to prove it!). If you are searching for a service that can help you with dog behavioural issues and training for an adult dog or your new puppy then I can save you a lot of searching time and highly recommend Gen and Sarah at Pawsitive Plus!"

Pet Parent

"We came for the BAT setups and stayed for the games! For the Snappy to Happy classes Gen and the rest of the Pawsitive Plus team organize BAT setups with other dogs in order to practice better behaviours around other dogs and/or people in a controlled manner. We've also taken the Games & Walk with Me classes which offer lots of new ideas to enrich our dogs' lives, train positively and practice our skills.​"

Rod O.
Pet Parent

"Its been a tremendous help to us in welcoming our furry family member to get guidance and easy to follow instruction on training her. The puppy classes are great and we love the email re-caps that allow us to review at home. Our puppy loves the drop-in play sessions too!​"

Dawn L.
Pet Parent

"My puppy Benji loves his social classes at Pawsitive Plus! He is happy to attend, leaving my side quickly to go and play with his friends and the trainers. I feel confident that he is in great hands and is being kept safe! Thank you for offering such a great setting for puppy socialization!

Cara T.
Pet Parent

"We've been very impressed with Megan! She's been super reliable and patient with us. She has given us great advice and provided us with useful tools for our new puppy. We looked forward to continuing to work with her and the Pawsitive Plus Dog Training!"

Justin C.
Pet Parent

"We had a very good experience with our recent training with Megan. She was friendly and knowledgeable and eager to address the specific issues we were having. We chose the in-home puppy training because we were having consistent issues with biting, barking and pulling during walks. Megan came to our house and went for a walk with my whole family in tow and showed us how to break the behaviour cycles we were experiencing. Just a few days later, we’ve already seen some positive changes based on how we respond to our puppy’s behaviours. We still have lots of work to do, but now we feel much better equipped thanks to Pawsitive Plus."

Amber W.
Pet Parent

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Since 1998, Pawsitive Plus has been empowering dogs and owners with effective solutions for your dog training needs.

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