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🐶 Puppy Cadets 101

📍 LOCATION: 802 Southdown Rd, Mississauga, ON L5J 2Y4
⌛️ DURATION: Up to 3 Hours
🐶 GROUP SIZE: Up to 3-4 puppies
REQUIRED: Submit Vet Records (Submit by going to pawsitiveplus.com/forms).


Drop off your pup at our facility where one of our trainers will be providing beginner/puppy training essentials to a group of 3-4 pups! Our trainer will provide the pups with:

- Basic beginner puppy training such as sit, stay, recall with other pups around
- Redirection and guidance to curb nipping, biting, jumping, barking and more - Guidance through play time with the other pups present
- Building socialization skills with the other pups team members and different smells & sounds
- Break/rest time when tired to reinforce pups being calm around others (crate training will be offered, but learning may vary depending on each pup’s comfort level)
- Outlets to run, play, do snuffle work and very low-intensity agility (all optional and depending on each pup’s needs and wants)

This service will simultaneously provide a healthy opportunity for pups to get both physical and mental stimulation, as they receive basic puppy training. All pet parents will have access to a Puppy Cadets WhatsApp group chat where you will be able to ask questions, stay up to date, and where your trainer can share photos and videos of your pup’s training sessions. You can book as many as you feel you need. Your trainer will be happy to advise after your first one.

Book a session below, that corresponds to your dog's age group. When booking, you will see the option to book a single session or purchase a pack of multiple sessions that you can then book each of those as you go!