Private Training
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Initial Consultation

Receive a private dog training at-home consultation.

Your consultation will consist of: ​
After taking a full history we will provide a comprehensive written action plan with detailed instructions, appropriate reading materials and detailed report to the client. We will also give notification or any necessary communication with attending veterinarian along with telephone or email follow up.    

Examples of behaviours our trainers address during a consultation or follow up private session are:
Separation anxiety, barking, digging, jumping up, stealing and guarding food/objects, destructive chewing, potty training, aggression, shyness, anxieties and phobias. After determining the root of the problem, specific exercises are thoroughly discussed. Educational handouts and a detailed written report are given to guide the owner to success.

Shorter/Longer session options are available. Please reach out to us for more details!

Have A New..
Start’Em Up Right: New Puppy

Get off on the right paw with Pawsitive Plus! 

Help your new pup settle in to their new environment and avoid behavioural problems in the future.  

We will cover potty training, crate training and all basic puppy issues (teething, socialization etc). Your private trainer will also be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have during your at-home session.

At-Home Puppy Training Session (Currently Unavailable)

Continue on the right paw with Pawsitive Plus! 

Puppyhood comes with lots of new experiences and opportunities to learn from!

As puppies get older, they all tend to associate with their human family and their environment in different ways. Between the ages of 3 to 8 months a few common but unwanted behaviours might have started to show. It’s important that we take the time to address them with you and your puppy’s best interest in mind.

This at-home puppy training session can be used to cover the basics of puppy training (potty and crate training, socialization and more) Also if you happen to have just brought this pup home, we can focus more on a particular puppy issue or behaviour you are having some trouble with that has been developing for some time

Start’Em Up Right: New Adoption

Start things off with the right paw forward! 

Help your new rescue dog settle in to their new environment and avoid behavioural problems in the future.

During this session your trainer will cover how to help your dog settle in to his new home and show you how to discourage unwanted behaviours. Even though rescues are often dogs that have gone through a rough time and have (as a result) learned some unwanted habits, the 0 to 4 month window that opens up the day you bring your newly adopted dog home will allow you and your trainer to provide this dog with the right training and environment he needs!
Handouts will be included to further help you with your training goals.

Or how about?..
Train N' Transfer
For dogs of all ages / Request A Quote

Would you like us to help you with a new puppy you’ve just brought home? Or would you like us to help you train an adolescent, adult or even a senior dog?

Train N Transfer sessions are private lessons where our trainers work directly with your dog. This is where you, as the pet parent, have the option to observe or leave it up to us! You can decide whether you would like to be at home or not. If ever you’re not able to observe the lesson then your trainer can capture the lesson in video as well as written notes for you to review at your convenience. All learned behaviours with your trainer will be transferred to you via notes, video, private family lesson(s), and/or through observation (When suitable for parent & trainer).
A package of lessons will be put together depending on you and your dog’s needs! Lesson plans can include visits weekly or multiple times per week.

1 On 1 Online Training Session
For dogs of all ages

Get a private 1 on 1 online session with our dog training experts! Though most of our services are provided in person, there is still get a lot done over the phone/video call as well! After you have selected a time and date for you private online training session, our team will reach out to you to provide you with details regarding the logistics of the video call/session.

You will be able to pay, at the end of the session, via E-Transfer to

Obedience Training - Dog Walking
For dogs of all ages / Learn More

Looking for a dog walker that will help you and your dog further your training? :)

Look no further! We're now offering dog walking all throughout Mississauga. To learn more, please reach out to us by using the button below.

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