🏡 Private Dog Training 🐾

Through private training, we can help you tackle the concerns you have and help you reach your dog training goals, using 100% positive reinforcement tools, solutions and encouraging methods!

We begin all training with either a 1.5 Hr or 2 Hr session, depending on your dog's needs & trainer recommendation upon reviewing your behaviour questionnaire.

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How to get started:

1. Use one of the buttons below to indicate your service area and we'll come to you. If you're outside of either service area or would like to come to us instead, select the Orange button and we'll have you session take place at our facility, at 802 Southdown Rd, in Mississauga.

2. The buttons will take you to a Behaviour Questionnaire where you can tell us about your dog, your availability and we will be able to advise whether a 1.5 or 2 hr session is best to begin with. (At the bottom of this page you can learn more about followup private training options.)

3. Once you submit your questionnaire, our team will contact you via email within 24-48 hrs to begin coordinating when your session will take place. Once scheduled, we will send you an invoice so you can pay to reserve your spot.


- 1.5 Hr session: $189 for Green 
or at our facility$219 for Yellow.
- 2 Hr session: $239 for Green or at our facility$269 for Yellow.

Looking to book followup sessions with Genevieve at our facility? Click here.

Wondering what will follow your initial session?

Followup Sessions

Done with your initial session and would like to do more private training? Awesome!

After your initial session you can do followup sessions in the form of:

1 Hr Private ($119 Green or $149 Yellow) sessions where we continue to work with both you and your dog.
1 Hr Train N' Transfer ($149 Green  or $179 Yellow) sessions where we work with your dog on your behalf.
30 Min Training Walk ($49 Green or $79 Yellow) sessions where we work with your dog for you on leash training.

Once you've attended either 3 each of these sessions you'll unlock a discount for the next!

Attend 3x 1 Hr Private sessions and get $30 off on your your next booking (of any service).
Attend 3x 1 Hr Train N' Transfer sessions and get $45 off on your your next booking (of any service).
Attend 3x 30 Min Training Walk sessions and get $15 off on your your next booking (of any service).

(Please note that the prices for the Green service area are the same as if you come to our location.)