Pawsitive Plus Dog Training Mississauga
Our Policies
Pawsitive Plus Dog Training Mississauga

All cancellation requests must be done via email, to

(To cancel/reschedule of individual, ongoing class sessions such as "Drop-Off Social.." or "Adventure Walks", please do so via your
account bookings page more than 24 hours before the session is scheduled to take place.)


If you will be missing a session(s) of a course you're enrolled in, please also send us an email to for our team to review and advise.

The Pawsitive Plus team strives to be as understanding and accommodating as possible, keeping in mind how much we value and respect the time, effort and dedication of not only our trainers, but of our pet parents as well.

Changes to your current registration, that are suggested by your trainer during your course will always result in reallocation of your funds towards a service(s) that you and your trainer agree will be a proper fit for you and your dog. E.g. if you register for a group puppy class but your trainer suggests switching to private training sessions.

If cancellations are to be made by our team, due to an uncontrollable event such as but not limited to; weather closures, hydro or equipment malfunction, trainer's vehicle breakdown or illness, our cancellation policy will still apply, however, other arrangements will be made as needed for replacement services.

Cancellation/Refund Policy for All Services

Non-refundable. Only transferable when possible.

Cancellation Policy for all Pricing Plans (Packages) & Blog Subscriptions/Purchases

Non-refundable. Unredeemed Pricing Plans (Packages) funds may be placed on hold/transferred onto another package or services when possible. Funds may only be refunded if/when we are unable to schedule the first session of your package.

Please note: "Courses" refers to programs with a repeating weekly schedule (in a group setting), set between fixed Start and End dates. Whereas "Classes" refers to single, ongoing sessions (also in a group setting) that can each be booked as you go. Generally offered as part of a bundle/package.

*Last updated on 4/13/2020

(Same, more simplified version of the no-refund policy set on 01/19/2021. )