Pawsitive Plus Dog Training Mississauga
Our Covid Response
Pawsitive Plus Dog Training Mississauga

These are difficult times and the safety of our team, our dogs and their pet parent families are always our number 1 priority! As with any locations where people may gather, if you are not feeling well, please stay at home. 

If you are not feeling comfortable being in a group-setting environment, please avoid signing up for a group class/course and/or reach out to us so that we may provide you with other training options.

We are currently (last updated April 15th) operating as an essential service, please see
here, under the Services section.  

Here is what we're doing to follow community guidelines:

- Only travel if it’s essential, and isolate for 14 days if you do.

We are counting on our pet parents to follow this regulation set by the Ontario Government, prior to registering/attending any of our group services of private training sessions. We are also counting on our clients to stay at home when feeling sick or experiencing symptoms and we encourage this by providing online training alternatives.

- Practise physical distancing – stay 2 metres away from anyone who is not in your household.

Our classroom spaces have physical indicators that will let the 2 pet parents accompanying a dog have their own, designated space, distanced from the other participants. We also disinfect the toys, seats, handles and floors before and after each training session.

- Wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly and often.

We encourage you to wash your hands before arriving at our facility and we will also have hand sanitizer available.

- Face coverings.

We require that all our participants wear face masks at all times, when taking part in our sessions. Our team of trainers will be doing the same.

Let's all do our part so that we can maintain everybody involved happy and healthy!

The Pawsitive Plus Team