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🏡 Private Dog Training

Through private training, we can help you tackle the concerns you have and help you reach your dog training goals, using 100% positive reinforcement tools, solutions and encouraging methods!!

We begin all training with an Initial 2 Hr session, to ensure your trainer can help you address any immediate concerns, find solutions and after your session either let you know if further private training sessions (see more details at the bottom of this page) may be recommended and/or group training options, depending on your dog's needs. If you have multiple dogs, the trainer may recommend doing followup sessions to tackle their training goals separately.

Please make sure you reside within the highlighted area.

Service Area Private Dog Training


1. The following button will take you to our Behaviour Questionnaire where you can tell us about your dog and your availability.

2. After you have submitted our questionnaire, one of our team members will get back to you within 24-48 hrs via email to help you book your session with our Head Trainer.

Pricing: 2 Hr session: $269

Dog Resource Guarding

Wondering what will follow your initial session?

Followup Sessions

Done with your initial session and would like to do more private training? Awesome!

After your initial session you can do followup sessions in the form of:

1 Hr Private ($149) sessions where we continue to work with both you and your dog.
1 Hr Train N' Transfer ($179) sessions where we work with your dog on your behalf.
30 Min Training Walk ($79) sessions where we work with your dog for you on leash training.

Once you've attended either 3 each of these sessions you'll unlock a discount for the next!

Attend 3x 1 Hr Private sessions and get $30 off on your your next booking (of any service).
Attend 3x 1 Hr Train N' Transfer sessions and get $45 off on your your next booking (of any service).
Attend 3x 30 Min Training Walk sessions and get $15 off on your your next booking (of any service).

(Please note that the prices for the Green service area are the same as if you come to our location.)

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