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Online Training

Please allow your trainer 3-4 business days to get back to you. Due to high demands, please expect an up to 2 week wait, before your first session takes place. Waiting time may vary depending on the request.


If we are unable to schedule a day/time to get your package started, we will provide you with a full refund.

Online Obedience Puppy Training Class
💻 Online Consult Pack

Price: $310

Who: For dogs of all ages

When: We provide training during the day, evenings and weekends. To be provided with the next available time slot, please complete the four steps below.

What: This pack is perfect for us to help you begin addressing ANY obedience and/or behavioural concerns you have. We will help you tackle: aggression, reactivity, resource guarding, barking, jumping, basic/advanced obedience, separation anxiety and more.

Where: Online, via Zoom.

How: 3 sessions in total (1x 120mins + 2x 60mins).

Using the following buttons: please go through all 4 steps required to obtain the package and to get in touch with your trainer to discuss availabilities: