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Our interactive online dog training classes touch on different, easy to learn games your family will enjoy and your dog will be sure to love. We will show you how to make the most out of dog toys, treats, food puzzles, as well as show you how to build your own! We encourage you to not only attend, but to also write your comments and questions as you're watching the live video, so that Gen can view and address them during her livestream.

If you're looking to book a 1 On 1 Online Session with our Head Trainer, please see below:

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🐾 Self-Control & Focus
🐾 Backyard Fun for Everyone!
🐾 Walking With Gen
🐾 Brain Games Outside!
🐾 Brain Games Begin!
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About Us

Since 1998, Pawsitive Plus has been empowering dogs and owners with effective solutions for your dog training needs.

We are based out of Mississauga, Ontario but travel to other surrounding cities.

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