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Beginner Obedience Courses 🎓

Want to learn different, positive reinforcement tools and methods to know how to best guide your dog and help him/her make all the right choices? If so, then you're one step closer to having your pup become a beginner obedience graduate!

In this group course, we will cover the basics (Find It, Sit, Down, Touch, Stand, On Your Place/Settle, Leave It/Off, Take It, Trade Game, Wait and more), as well as socialization, proper play, resource guarding, redirecting and distractions. It will also touch on walking & recall basics. Homework will play an important role, but our team of trainers is ready to help you along the way. Your trainers will be communicating with your group via WhatsApp (required), so stay tuned! 

📌 PLEASE NOTE: The letter at the end of the course title simply refers to the name of your classroom, for easy reference. If a course isn’t being indicated as Full and you are registering for it after it has already started, we will do our best to help you catchup!

📋 BOOKING DETAILS: Browse our list of beginner obedience courses below (separated by age groups for pups either 8-21 Weeks or Over 21 Weeks) and book to be scheduled to attend at the indicated time & day each week, for 7 weeks.


📍 LOCATION: 802 Southdown Rd, Mississauga, ON L5J 2Y4 (Indoors)
⌛️ DURATION: 60 Minutes (7 Weeks) Click the name of a course to see its complete schedule.
🐶 GROUP SIZE: 3-5 puppies. Up to 3 people per dog.


📎 REQUIRED: Submit your pup's most up to date vet records (Here: https://www.pawsitiveplus.com/forms). Make sure that your dog's age sits within the right age group by Week 2 as Week 1 is an owners-only session that will introduce you to different dog training nuances and topics to help you prepare, as well as answer any questions, to best prepare you for the remaining weeks. WhatsApp app to easily communicate with all pet parents.