👃🏻 Nosework Training

Nosework and scent detection isn't only for police dogs!  In our nosework sessions we work to help your dogs reach your dog's full potential! Together, you will train to help our dog learn to use their nose to find a hidden target smell while ignoring distractions/other dogs and people around you. Once the scent is found, your dog will then then alert you and be offered a high-value reward!

📋 BOOKING DETAILS: Book this course once and you will be scheduled to attend at the indicated time/day each week.

📍 LOCATION: 802 Southdown Rd, Mississauga, ON L5J 2Y4
⌛️ DURATION: 46 Minutes (7 Weeks) Click the name of a course to see its schedule.
🐶 GROUP SIZE: Up to 4 dogs. Up to 3 people per dog (View the details of each to see for sure.)

📎 REQUIRED: Submit up to date vet records (Here: https://www.pawsitiveplus.com/forms)

📌 PLEASE NOTE: The letter at the end of the Course title simply refers to the name of your classroom, for easy reference. If this Course isn’t being indicated as Full and you are registering for it after it had already started, we will do our best to have you make up for the previous weeks/lessons you may have missed, if possible.

To get the most out of this and any other training program, please consider our
drop-in enrichment options! Combining training with ongoing access to different mental and physical enrichment outlets will be the key to your success! 

Click on the course name to see its complete schedule and time.