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🐶🧑🏻 Pup & Parent Socials

These Socialization sessions are different than our "Drop-Off Social" sessions because they allow you to stay for your session with your dog so that you can observe and ask questions.

This is so that we can work with both you and your dog to help you guide, redirect and best understand your dog and others as they play, socialize and learn!

This is also a good option for dogs that aren't 100% comfortable with being dropped-off/left alone for too long just yet.


📍 LOCATION: 802 Southdown Rd, Mississauga
⌛️ DURATION: 45 Mins.
🐶 GROUP SIZE: Up to 4-5 dogs. Up to 3 pet parents per dog.

📎 REQUIRED: Submit your dog's most up to date vet records & more in our Vet Records page.

Rabies shots are required for the sessions that categorized by weight.

All participants booking are required to join their corresponding class WhatsApp group chat. You should receive a confirmation email after booking, containing the link to your group chat.

📋 BOOKING DETAILS: Book each session as you go! The cancellation/ rescheduling of a session can be done via your Account > My Bookings, but outside of the 72 hours prior to your session.