Puppy (Drop-Off) Training 🐾

This program consists of 2 puppy services that will ensure that you bring home a pup that's not only ready to rest and be calm at home, but also well equipped with a brand new set of skills that you can practice, by watching video recordings of these drop-in 3 Hr sessions, that you can book as you go! This service will provide a healthy and safe environment for pups to receive both physical and mental stimulation, as they practice basic indoor and outdoor obedience lessons. All pet parents will have access to a WhatsApp group chat where your trainer will upload photos and videos of your pup’s training, so you can practice the learned lessons at-home, afterwards too!

📍 LOCATION: 802 Southdown Rd, Mississauga, ON L5J 2Y4
⌛️ DURATION: Up to 3 Hours

📎 REQUIRED: Submit your pup's up to date vet records. After booking, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to join the "Puppy Cadets & Scouts" chat (Required), so you can stay in touch with your trainer!

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Where pups get to learn all the necessary indoor obedience lessons, proper manners, socialization, mental enrichment & more!

Age: From 8 Weeks up to 8 Months.
Price: $85/session. Or less when purchased as a pack.
Capacity: Up to 3-4 pups.

Puppy Cadets Hub

Your pups will get to learn all the necessary outdoor leash training lessons (around our facility) and practice proper socialization skills!

Age: Between 5-8 Months.
Price: $75/session. Or less when purchased as a pack.
Capacity: Up to 5-6 dogs.

- Interested in doing more with your pup?

Click here to discover our full list enrichment services, designed to help meet your dog's mental, physical and socialization needs! We strongly suggest starting with Adventure Walks or Pup & Parent Socials!

- Already a part of this program and familiar with our drop-in services?

You can book based on what's available on different days if you prefer, by clicking 

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