🐶 Puppy (Drop-Off) Training
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Puppy Cadets 101

Where pups get to learn all the necessary indoor obedience lessons, proper manners, socialization, mental enrichment & more!

Age: All ages. (New dogs must be under 1 year to enrol)
Price: $85/3hr session. Or less when purchased as a pack.
Capacity: Up to 3-4 pups.

Scouts On a Stroll

Your pups will get to learn all the necessary outdoor leash training lessons (at our facility) and socialization skills with other dogs present at our facility!

Age: Between 5-8 Months.
Price: $75/3hr session.
Capacity: Up to 2 dogs for 1 Trainer.

Puppy Drop-off Training Board N Train Mississauga
Puppy Train N' Transfer

Drop-off your pup for a 1hr session with one of our puppy training experts who will on your behalf tackle common and necessary puppy training lessons, commands & more!

Age: 8 Weeks to 5 Months.
Price: $49/1hr session.
Setup: 1 Pup for 1 Trainer.

Prior to booking you can purchase a discounted pack at the bottom of this page (packs currently available only for Puppy Cadets sessions). Age-categorized Puppy Cadet sessions are available only until the end of November.

In December: Pups will be categorized as groups based on age, size, demeanour and skills, to see which group your pup is categorized in and to book, click