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Adventure Walks 🌲
Group Walks
Group Walks Dog Walking Mississauga

⏳ DURATION: 45 Mins.
🐶 GROUP SIZE: Up to 5-6 dogs (Preferably max 2-3 pet parents per dog)
📎 REQUIRED: Submit Vet Records/Proof of 2nd Booster Shots (Submit by going to The WhatsApp app will be used by your trainer 1-2 days before each session to communicate via a group chat the exact location of your group walk.


🐕 DESCRIPTION: Best suited for dogs over 4 months. The Adventure Walks service makes it possible for you, our trainers and a group of pet parents and their dogs to have a good time going on adventure-y walks by going to fun, engaging and different locations! During the group walk, you will see your trainer use different motivational techniques and useful training methods, in order to guide our dogs during walks in encouraging, positive and rewarding ways. (Please note that this is not a training/leash manners class. This is primarily a socialization/group walking service.) 

📋 BOOKING DETAILS: Book each day/time you would like to attend as you go!