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Our Team 🌟

Meet our amazing team of trainers that will be happy to be part of your dog training journey!

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At Pawsitive Plus Dog Training we work hard to create and strengthen the dog-human bond. It’s our goal to help empower dogs to make healthy and appropriate choices in life by using positive reinforcement and behaviour modification training. Our methods are proven to create happy dogs who do great things! Pawsitive Plus classes and private training help curb unwanted behaviours and transform them into wanted behaviours.

We set up puppies, adolescents, and adult dogs for success as they learn to navigate the human world.


In an industry that is unregulated, finding the right dog trainer can be a daunting but important task. While there is no education requirement to become a dog trainer, it is crucial to find a trainer who does have positive-reinforcement certification credentials. At Pawsitive Plus Dog Training, we are as passionate about educating ourselves as we are educating you and your dog. Our team regularly attends seminars and classes to keep up-to-date with the latest in modern training techniques.

Our team has years of experience training dogs using Grisha Stewart’s BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training) method and we always use the most current and scientifically proven methods for all clients. We specialize in working with dogs who have difficulty with fear, anxiety and aggression.

The team of trainers at Pawsitive Plus have the knowledge to transform your dog’s unwanted behaviours into focused, positive activities and actions. And just like the perfect pooch, we’re friendly, approachable and always willing to help! Each member has been hand-selected not only for their expertise in the area of dog training, but also for their approachable and helpful personalities.

Meet Our Team
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