Dog Trainer Mississauga
Initial Consult Pack
Who: For dogs over 18 Weeks
What: This pack is perfect for us to work with you in addressing any obedience and/or behavioural concerns you have. We will help you tackle: aggression, reactivity, resource guarding, barking, jumping, basic/advanced obedience, separation anxiety and more.

When: We provide training during the day, evenings and weekends. We will be able to get started on your program sooner than later if you're available during the day, during the week. Evenings and weekend are the most requested and thus require the longest waiting time. 

Where: Your home, backyard and/or neighbourhood. All our packs will be provided at your home, unless you reside outside of our service areas. In that case, your sessions will take place at our facility, in private.

How: 3 sessions in total (1x 120mins + 2x 60mins). More options/sessions and pricing available when you acquire this pack.
Products We Recommend
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