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🐾 How do you accept payment?

All payments are done through our website or mobile app. We accept Credit Card or Visa Debit, and PayPal.

We do not accept Cash, Cheque or E-Transfer payments.

🐾 Will you train my dog for me?

We sure can! We understand that that is sometimes the best option, depending on your availability and your dog's current needs. That said, most of our services revolve around us working with both you and your dog. But feel free to reach out to us to learn more.

🐾 Do you offer service dog training?

We don't currently provide service dog training, however please feel free to email us with any questions you have and we'll be happy to provide you with support!

🐾 Where does the training take place?

Private Training takes place at your home, in your backyard, in your neighbourhood, or at our facility. Online training is also an option.

Our group Classes and Courses all take place at our facility unless indicated otherwise (view service descriptions).

🐾 How old does my puppy/dog need to be to start training?

For Private Training, there is no minimum age requirement as your pup will not be getting exposed to other dogs during your sessions.


For puppy group classes and courses please view the description of the service you're interested in as the requirements can vary.

🐾 How do I go about cancelling or rescheduling my sessions?

To cancel or reschedule a Private Training session, please contact our team or your designated trainer. To cancel or reschedule a course you have signed up for, please send us an email and to cancel or reschedule an ongoing class session (ex: Adventure Walks, Snappy to Happy or Drop-Off Socials), you can do so by logging into your account and accessing your Bookings.

Please navigate to the Our Policies page, for information regarding cancellations.

🐾 Do you provide training during evenings and weekends?

We do! Though that's when most of our classes and courses take place, we have our trainers available for private training appointments during the day, evening and weekends. Those appointments will depend on what has already been booked/reserved, so please be sure to communicate your preferences to your trainer.

🐾 What guarantees do you offer with your dog training services?

We cannot offer guarantees when working with the modification of any animal or individual, nor the environment. There are a lot different factors that come into play when training a dog, outside of the time you spend with our trainer, that we don't have full control over and can sometimes change or alter the progress everyone involved, including your dog, is striving hard towards.

What we can guarantee, however, is that our team takes pride in seeing your objectives and our goals through.

This means that our training team will do its best to continue working with you and your dog to help you both achieve your wants and your dog's needs.

🐾 When is my next booking?

All of your sessions (for either Private Training, Courses or ongoing Classes) will be indicated within your account's Bookings section when you're logged in.

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