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Dog Resource Guarding
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Choose the type of service you're interested in to get started! Our services are all acquired and paid for through our website.


Please note that we do not practice any harmful, aversive or correctional methods. We guide all our dogs through positive and encouraging, pain-free training methods!

Private Training 🏡

We tackle everything from puppy training, basic, obedience to specific reactive/behaviour modification at home or on or off leash! We also offer programs where our trainers take on the bulk of the training with your dog, before transferring the lessons over to you.

If you're within our service area we can come to you, or you can come to us.

Start to End Courses 🎓

Browse the different types of group courses we have available, and register for the one that meets your dog's needs and your dog's age group.


We offer beginner and advanced puppy training courses, as well as leash walking and recall courses!

Ongoing Classes 🐾

Explore different drop-in/off ongoing group classes, that'll help you meet your dog's needs. When registering for a session, you'll see the option to purchase a pack that lets you book your sessions as you go!

Our ongoing classes cover socialization, group walks, agility training, enrichment exercises, drop-in lessons and more!

Online Training

We use Online Training to provide training support no matter where you are! Particularly when tackling sensitive cases such as anxiety and uncertainty towards strangers or even separation anxiety.

DIY Dog Training

These programs are currently tailored for new puppy owners. They provide you with the curriculum we cover in our in-person courses and you can even watch and listening in on classes, from home!

Dog Training Seminars

Our seminars make it easy for anyone to join and learn about Pawsitive Plus and what we teach. These are often free and made available to you in person and/or online, so there's no reason to miss out!