Continued Learning 🐾

Take the lessons you've learned and practice them further with us, in order to take them to the next level!

Dog Training Mississauga Outdoor Focus

These drop-in, outdoor sessions are perfect for dogs and owners looking to build on what they've already learned and improve on their concentration/leash handling skills outside, in the face of real-world distractions.

Capacity: Up to 5 dogs.

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Mississauga Intermediate Obedience Puppy Training Classes 3 201

The 6-week long course is an advanced version of our Perfect Puppies 101 course. Great for pups and dogs who already have the basics down and are looking to improve on their obedience skills with more distractions, lessons and engaging challenges!

Age: Over 5 Months.
Capacity: Up to 3-4 pups per course.