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🎓 Behaviour Modification

Behaviour modification is rather different from obedience training in that it seeks to modify, remove, or manage unwanted behaviour. Behaviour modification does not seek to teach responses to commands, but rather aims to replace negatives behaviour with a more acceptable one by improving emotional responses by proving dogs with different, wanted choices to choose from! A few examples of behaviours we modify: barking, digging, jumping up, stealing and guarding food/objects, destructive chewing, shyness, anxieties and phobias. Please be aware that at Pawsitive Plus Dog Training we do not use any corrective methods during any of our services, and always strive to help any and all dogs we work with make the right choices through positive reinforcement and fun, motivating training methods!

For reactive dog training, please contact us instead of booking this course, to inquire about our Private Training options.

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