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Let's do our best to understand, guide and help your four-legged friend by teaching them how to make the right choices, through fun and positive training methods!


(Available to any dog over 12 weeks of age.)


Our Head Trainers understand very well that behaviour modification training in dogs is the best tool to modify, extinguish, or manage unwanted and/or troublesome behaviour pet parents may be experiencing inside or outside their home.

As the goal or objective, behaviour modification sessions do not seek to teach responses to commands, but rather aims to replace negatives behaviour with a more acceptable one by improving a dog's emotional responses to the world around them. 

Some typical troublesome behaviours include separation anxiety, barking, digging, jumping up, stealing and guarding food/objects, destructive chewing, toilet training, aggression, shyness, anxieties and phobias. After determining the root of the problem, specific exercises are to be thoroughly discussed and laid out in a carefully elaborated plan of action. If required, educational handouts and detailed written reports are given to guide the owner to success as well.

A consultation will include: Taking full history, providing a comprehensive written action plan with detailed instructions, appropriate reading materials, detailed report to the client, notification and any necessary communication with the attending veterinarian, along with an email follow up.


Your consultation will also include actual tips and suggestions your trainer will present you with, as he/she gets to know your dog during your session by attempting a few different techniques to get a good understanding of what helps us engage your dog and 'speak' to him/her in a healthy manner. We do not use corrective methods during any of our services, and always strive to help any and all dogs we work with make the right choices through positive reinforcement and fun training methods!

1 hr private training followup sessions (whether at our facility or your home) are the usual course of action to modify an unwanted behaviour(s). That said, in cases where your trainer may discover during your 2hr sessions that the origin of your dog's problems may possibly stem from a need that can be met through a class that we provide, that class in question will be presented to you as an option over further private training sessions, or perhaps even in addition to.

  • 2h consult followed up with a 1h session (For dogs over 12 weeks).

    2 hr

    360 Canadian dollars
  • Adopting is a loving experience we would be grateful to be a part of.

    1 hr 30 min

    210 Canadian dollars
  • We'll get your dog's training journey going for you!

    1 hr

    65 Canadian dollars
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Pawsitive Plus Dog Training Mississauga

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Since 1998, Pawsitive Plus has been empowering dogs and owners with effective solutions for your dog training needs.

We are based out of Mississauga, Ontario but travel to other surrounding cities.

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