Mississauga Intermediate Obedience Puppy
Advanced Obedience

Went through beginner training and you're feeling ready for the next level?! All young dogs are welcome! 

Perfect Puppies 201


This is a 6-week class that builds on the foundation of the 101 class and takes you and your dog to the next level. 


Solid distance Stays with distractions – preventing “door dashing”. Distance positions: sit/down/stand for vet visits, grooming, and coming in and out of your doorway with your hands full of groceries. Excellent walking skills with heeling and great attention. Fun and practical tricks such as weaving, spinning, and send-outs for targeting!

📍 LOCATION: 802 Southdown Rd, Mississauga ON

⌛️ DURATION: 1 Hour (6 Weeks)

🐶 GROUP SIZE: Up to 3-4 dogs (Max 2 adults per pup)