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About Us

Since 1998, Pawsitive Plus has been empowering dogs and owners with effective solutions for your dog training needs.

We are based out of Oakville, Ontario but travel to other surrounding cities.

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Online Dog Training
Providing you with live classes (webinars) as well as 1 on 1 interactive dog training solutions today, no matter where you are!
Upcoming Online Classes!
Be sure to reserve your spot! Only the classes taking place on April 4th, 5th and 6th will be FREE!
Our team will be notified of your booking and will be contacting you with details regarding how you will be joining in class online at the designated date & time.

The Paws Ahead Initiative

We've been very much inspired by the gusto! dining bonds program and so we thought we would put together a similar offer to you all! We present to you the Paws Ahead Initiative! 

Pet Parents and friends can invest $100 today and receive a Gift Card worth $175 on that they can use from July 1st until October 1st, 2020. Invest $250 today to receive a $350 Gift Card that they can use from July 1st until October 1st, 2020. Invest $350 today and receive a $550 Gift Card that they can use from July 1st until October 1st, 2020. 

We will keep you updated, should these dates need to change due to COVID-19. These Gift Cards will be applicable to ALL services provided by Pawsitive Plus Dog Training.

Submit your interest for the Paws Ahead Initiative by filling out the following form.
Where we get to build upon the beautiful treasure that is the loving and unconditional relationship you and your dog share.
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Train N Transfer sessions are private lessons where our trainers work directly with your dog. This is where you, as the pet parent, have the option to observe or leave it up to us!..

I had a lovely German Shepherd but she had started one day to be afraid of other dogs and her behavior was not easy to handle. I did a lot of training with different trainers but no positive results. When I took classes with Pawsitive Plus I saw that I was on my way to success (sadly we lost our dog because she had a bad condition and many health issues). Now I am taking classes with my small dog (rescue dog) shy and very nervous, after a few classes I can see I am on my way to succes again! Pawsitive Plus Dog Training great job!!

Christine Leblanc