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Contact Details

For inquiries regarding training and programs , please contact Gen on 289-242-7767 or email us at info@pawsitiveplus.com

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Upcoming Programs

Please Note: We currently accept program payment via cash and Interac Email Transfer only

Perfect Puppies 101
(For puppies)

Location: North Oakville Animal Hospital, Oakville

New Classes Starting September 23rd at 3pm at 10.45am and October 14th at 12.30pm

Teach them self-control and focus

Provides healthy socialization and learning during your pup’s critical learning phase

This 6-week course will help you and your pup enjoy walks, have fun together, and get the most out of life.

You and your pup will build basic obedience skills such as walking on a loose leash, stay “on your place”, Wait at doors and entrances, “leave it”, and “off”.

While your pup is learning all these great skills, he will also have lots of fun learning useful tricks along the way. Some of the fun skills your pup will learn:

  • Pedestal training
  • Target training
  • Crawling
  • Bowing
  • Saying hello politely to guests and more

This class promises to be a blast and a creative way to teaching obedience.

Fun tricks and practical skills….join our family of Perfect Puppies today!

Contact Gen to register: 289-242-7767

Perfect Buddies
(For adolescents 8+ months, and young adults)

Starting Thursday October 19th at 7:30pm

Snappy to Happy Classes

Location: Maple Grove United Church, Oakville

We are now taking applications for November registration. Call now to get started with your initial consultation. Don’t wait! Our classes book up quickly!

Does your dog bark and/or lunge at the end of his leash?

This intensive 12 session class, is specially designed to improve your dog’s feisty character. We meet 2 times a week including 4 real life walks in town.

You and your dog will learn to use Behaviour Adjustment Training to teach your dog to make healthy choices.

We also use several other ‘self control’ exercises to teach calm behaviour, and attention skills.

These classes give the dog and owner the opportunity to learn in a positive, pressure free and successful manor as well as practice these new learned skills in the “real world” with our guidance and assistance.

Take advantage and learn the newest and most recent methods, turn your Snappy dog into a Happy dog!

 Contact Gen to register: 289-242-7767